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Welcome Note
This site is for seasoned and newbie traders alike. Trading can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. The choice is yours. The purpose of this site is to guide you along the rocky road to financial freedom and happiness.



       Akmos sentiment indicator


*** New Stuff***

Talking Shi Channels         <click here.>

Talks  on shi change.

FxOverEasyBars                <click here.>

Colours Candles/Bars As per Itrend and Juice.





 August 2005

Chat is now operational!!! <click here>

Well things have blown out of all proportion and the system seems to be performing out of all expectations.. After the first release of the web page and after getting feedback from traders using the system explanations are being redefined in a clearer and more precise manner. All still in my head spinning around at the moment but as they Solidify into fact I'll redefine the System page but for your back ground reading  <click here>.


This  Website & Room is for educational information and exchange of trading ideas only.
Nothing mentioned by voice, chart, or in text chat is to be taken as trading advice. Trades taken here are strictly at your own risk.  !


1pip Donation
If you find the indicators useful and want to use the system, to help with  the upkeep of the site and new additions a $10  would be appreciated . 
Thank You......

This site is a work in progress and nearly there as I master web design. Apologies for uncompleted pages but keep coming back they will appear..I am trying to complete pages in order of importance.

I hope this system makes trading a pleasure for you as it does me. I am glad to be able to share these ideas with you. It has taken me 3 years to get this far and I just wish I had made this web site then (if only).

Trading has been great for me and I have made many friends along the path. Traders, on the whole, are a friendly bunch and I have always found people willing and able to give me a hand when I needed it. So I am passing on this knowledge in the hope it reaches some ears(eyes) and they gain some use from it.

We all have bad times and good times (preferably the latter) and when sitting in front of our trading terminals  experience every feeling known to mankind , and some that aren't! It's a difficult game but with perseverance and discipline you WILL finally get there.

For the newbies .. start small and work your account up to a workable level , don't bet the farm! and lose an arm and a leg in the process.

I'd like to thank :


Everybody at the Yahoo Metatrader  group for support and assistance in teaching me the tricks of programming indicators and experts and all the associated trading knowledge I have gained from knowing them.

The people in the Moneytech chat room some serious some silly a whole mish mash of traders all airing their woes and joys.   


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